Biokrill Omega-3

Biokrill Omega-3: Redefining Essential Fatty Acids

Unlock the power of omega-3 with Bioceanics’ revolutionary Biokrill platform, a technological marvel that transforms fish or algae oil into a bioequivalent of krill oil Omega-3. Our commitment to innovation brings you two distinctive variants: Algae-based Biokrill and Fish oil-based Biokrill.  

  • Algae-based Biokrill Omega-3, our vegan superhero: Experience the future of omega-3 with our vegan-friendly solution. Sourced from algae oil, this variant retains the molecular richness of krill oil without compromising the dietary choices of consumers. Algae-based Biokrill technology delivers sustainable, plant-powered omega-3, ensuring that health-conscious consumers can access the benefits without a second thought. 
  • Fish Oil-based Biokrill Omega-3: For those companies producing omega-3 oil from fish, our Fish oil-based Biokrill technology is the answer. Crafted from fish oil, this variant mirrors the molecular characteristics and health benefits of traditional krill oil. Say goodbye to sustainability concerns associated with krill harvesting and embrace a product that aligns with health and ecological values, yet adding a premium to your margin. 


The Bioceanics Advantage: 

  • Similar Molecular Characteristics: Both variants of Biokrill share molecular similarities with krill oil, ensuring high bioavailability and efficacy. 
  • Bioequivalence: Our technology creates a bioequivalent omega-3 product, providing you with the same health benefits associated with krill oil without the environmental drawbacks. 
  • Sustainable Sourcing: By utilizing fish or algae oil, Biokrill eliminates the need for krill harvesting, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly omega-3 production process.